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Ellie’s Story

Ellie_S4HWe are all survivors in our own way ! On October 2010, I was given the devastating diagnosis of stage III breast cancer and later, colon cancer. In the previous year I had been laid off , lost my apartment, car and relationship. Homeless, scared and hungry at times, angels on earth kept coming in the nick of time. I had no insurance, but thanks to Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation, all the necessary tests were paid for and it all happened within 2 weeks!  I constantly thank God and life, for all who form my support circle and continue to stick by me, be it once or a hundred times. Being that both my parents are gone and I have no husband or kids to take care of me. This battle almost did me in, to say the least. Each and every life line, gave me reasons to keep going.  I emptied myself out, of everything but: Healthy love, assertiveness, gratitude and that anchor we call faith.
I am surviving, praising and dancing in the middle of storms. I’ll let you in on the secret of helping someone with cancer. Kind words, patience, selflessness and love in action are the key. Every “I am here for you, how can I help”, “you fight, I want you to live” .Every prayer prayed, tear shed, question asked, food gathered, jokes and happy tears, company kept, hugs given and challenges dealt with, is what keeps us alive. Love keeps pouring in such grand style, to my grateful heart and I am not just surviving ..but LIVING!

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