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Pink Ribbon Garden Project

The Pink Ribbon Garden (PRG) is co-founded by Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation and Grammy-winning musician Melissa Etheridge. They celebrated the ribbon cutting for this project together on May 16, 2017. The garden is located inside Lake Druid Park, the largest community garden in Central Florida, and consists of a 29′ x 17′ raised bed garden box in the shape of an awareness ribbon.

The land was offered by The City of Orlando for the project as part of the Lake Druid Community Garden, and the structure was designed by Libby’s Legacy, built by volunteers, painted pink and planted by survivors.

Libby’s Legacy had breast cancer recurrences in 2016 in three patients, this had never happened before at the foundation and Libby’s set out to find any way possible to intervene and help prevent recurrences. Research has shown that good nutrition and dietary intervention can help prevent breast cancer recurrence, in some cases by up to 24 percent. Having seen their underserved breast cancer survivors struggle with maintaining healthy eating before, during, and after treatment, the idea for the pink ribbon garden was born.

One month later, Robin Maynard-Harris attended a breast cancer workshop lead by Melissa Etheridge, a singer-songwriter, breast cancer survivor, activist and clean-living proponent, on the critical necessity and health benefits of organic foods, she stood up and shared her dilemma and possible plan. When she told Melissa her idea to talk about a “pink” community garden, there was an immediate and palpably spark that led to months of collaboration.

Together, they co-founded The Pink Ribbon Garden Project.

As part of the project’s “Grow one, Give one” concept, each survivor tends the garden and for each bag harvested, the survivor collects another bag for a patient in current treatment.

The project has already received praise throughout the community and an outpouring of support. We welcome survivors who would like to volunteer on this project. For more information or to sign up, email

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