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Terry’s Story

Friends, customers, colleagues and loved ones,

TerryThe scariest thing happened to me and now its become a passion for me to help others! I was diagnosed Oct 24th of 2011 with one of my biggest fears ….  Breast Cancer! I grew up with my Mother having Breast Cancer at such a young age. I always wondered why she had no breasts when she leaned over. I was so young and had no knowledge or idea why she was different. Losing her and watching her pass from this horrible disease was the most pivotal time in my Life! I was so young and didn’t understand death! 

As an adult, I had no insurance and was scared of mammograms and all that went with this horrible disease. I found an organization that helped those that could not afford insurance and needed mammograms, Libbys Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation!  After I had applied for Libby’s and was accepted in 2008, I continued on with my mammograms for the next several years. In 2010 I had my first scare and needed my first biopsy!! Libbys Legacy got me my first biopsy on June 9, 2010. My results came back negative, THANK GOD! 

In 2011 I was actually supposed to get a mammogram within 6 months and I was late. Libby’s Legacy began to call me and remind me that I needed to come in. I went into the office of Ms. Maynard to schedule my mammogram and she had asked me if I was doing self breast exams. I said no, and as she took out the fake boob to teach me this life saving self exam, I felt a lump immediately! I said nothing and waited for my mammogram. I told them at the procedure that I found a lump. They didn’t see it on the mammogram and so a sonogram followed. I then got my 2nd biopsy on Friday October 21st. On October 24th Ms Maynard came to my home, held my hand and told me I had Breast Cancer. She also assured me that Libby’s Legacy would be there every step of the way and that they would fight for my treatment and surgery even though I had no insurance!

As of that night I knew I was meant to do more than just have Breast Cancer, I knew I needed to bring awareness and help others in the same need. Within 40 days I had a double mastectomy, reconstruction, and a hysterectomy! As I heal, I am now raising money to help pay it forward to Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation. This nonprofit organization has saved mine and many others lives ( and they get us the very best doctors!). I want to give back in anyway I can. Please consider making a donation today! 

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